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Original and Fascinating Blog Posts

The word blog sounds boring. But blogs should not be boring! Writing World looks for interesting angles and up-to-date trends in your industry. We fill your post with proven keywords and keyword phrases to increase the chances of people finding you and your company. We work hard to include links to other parts of your website and request that your website admin gives us feedback on how the blog does via Google Analytics. If our post is not bringing eyes to your site, we need to know it!

Benefits of Original and Fascinating Blog Posts
  • An interesting, pertinent blog can attract customers to your website like the smell of hot popcorn or fresh baked cookies. You will look and sound like the professional you are.
  • A well-written post will appeal to people who need your products and services or who want to be informed of trends in their industry. They will seek you out.
  • A snappy blog post helps people easily see how your company can solve their problems.
  • An informative post will help build a following. Once you have followers, then you will have buyers.

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Tell me again why I have to have blog posts?

Original and fascinating blog posts will give you and your clients the opportunity to keep current with your industry, your company, and you, but in a more in-depth, permanent way than a Tweet, Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook post. Trust us. You have a lovely chance through a well-written blog series to tell your story, present new products, talk about your industry, and generally set yourself up as the expert you are. In fact, you can consider combining your posts into a convenient e-book and give the book away in exchange for prospects’ emails. We can help with that.

How does Writing World know about my company and industry?

Here’s a trade secret: We set up Google Alerts on your industry the minute we start writing for you. Any time something happens, we’ll know about it. Very cool. Then we do research, write several questions, and find the expert in your company to do a quick interview and make a blog post. The post will be several hundred words, sprinkled with Google AdWords, of course. And prospects will begin to find you, at which point you can start to engage with them.