About Our Work

Our writing projects vary from blogs to website content to white papers, social media pieces, email blasts, product descriptions and more. The industries that request our help with their writing projects are all over the map—from architects to “-zines” and everything in between.

Much of what we write is ghost-written meaning Kathryn Atkins and Writing World will not appear anywhere on the piece. That’s good because we write for you.

Older Website Content Projects*

Non-Fiction Author – Blog

Dentistry – Website Pages

Divorce at Holidays – Blog

Event Planners – Bios and Services Pages

Mortgage Consultant – Blog

Wealth Management – Website Pages

Website Designers – Various Clients and Projects

Biz Insurance Agent – Website Pages

SEO Professional – Website Pages

Multiple-Location Regional Nursery – Website Pages

Edgy Marketing Communications *

Body Trainer  – Groupon Ad Copy

Memoir Author Pantheon Books – Press Release

Blog Post – Logistics Company

White Paper – Privacy in the Workplace 

White Paper – Industrial Steam Ovens

Trade Journal and Magazine Articles*

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company: Patient Communications

Pharmaceutical Marketing Company: Diabetes Awareness

Website Designers: Tips for Marketers

Online CEO Magazine: Inspirational Leadership


BYLINE= Kathryn Atkins: National Business Post: Don’t Give Up!

BYLINE= Kathryn Atkins: Global Banking & Finance Review: Legacy Banking Needs to Change Its Tune

*Cutter Consortium: Design for Technology Accessibility 

*Fintech Futures: Is Customer Experience at the ‘Centre’ of your Digital Transformation Strategy?

*Digital Transformation: Digital Transformation in Healthcare Win-Win

*(Samples Available on Request for Ghostwritten Content)

Published Books

Giving My Self to the Wind, 2017

My Piano Hands: A Flash Memoir Collection, 2020

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Thought Pieces and Blogs



Business blog posts: Business and Life Trends

Author blog posts:  Kathryn Atkins.com